Best Forex Signals | Top 11 Providers in 2024

Forex signal providers

Forex traders make decisions to buy or sell currency pairs based on forex signals, which are essential tools for identifying trading opportunities. Forex signals are recommendations for entering trades at specific prices and times, typically derived from technical indicator analysis. These signals, as defined by Wikipedia, can be generated manually by experienced forex analysts or … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hacking for Beginners | Learn Basics of Hacking

The ultimate guide to hacking for beginners

Updated July 4, 2024 by David Brooke Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to learn hacking for beginners. Are you tired of reading about ethical hacking without really knowing what it means? Let’s change that! This guide is for absolute beginners who: Have no experience with cybersecurity (hacking) Have limited experience Feel they can’t … Read more

How do Affiliates Leverage Success for Companies?

In modern-day online eCommerce, companies attract business in a number of ways. Regular advertising campaigns can be backed up by more innovative methods including the internet sensation that is Artificial Intelligence. Those retailers do, however, rely on third parties to varying degrees. Affiliates play a part for many companies and in some industries, the figures … Read more

Expected Value (EV) Guide | How it Impacts Your Life

RTP bonus

In our busy day-to-day lives, we all expect a return on our investment. Whether that’s from small purchases such as cars, stocks and shares, or jewelry, or much larger ones like houses, this concept is most commonly referred to as Return to Player (RTP). In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how RTP works in a … Read more

How Games Are Designed to Hook You In

How games are designed to hook you

Playing games is fun, exciting and one of the most enjoyed hobbies with Statista predicting that there will be over three billion gamers walking the Earth by 2023. But it is not just exceptional graphics and riveting narratives that make gaming so popular. Gaming companies and developers use strategies to hook gamers in and keep … Read more

How to Prevent Online Companies from Collecting Your Data

For years now, we’ve been using the internet and enjoying the great content, possibilities, and accessibility that it brings to our daily lives. In the early days of the internet’s more widespread popularity, there used to be fear-mongering about illicit activities that people can get up to online. Others propagated ideas of the negative, mature, … Read more

How to Use TikTok After the US Ban Using VPN software

how to use tiktok after ban

All was going well for the rising social media giant until alleged security threats until political tensions started taking its toll and the US decided to finally ban Tiktok. With over 800 Million active users worldwide, ByteDance’s Tiktok is the new kid on the block that has been taking over social media. Boasting an average usage … Read more

How Do Web Scraping Tools Work? [All you need to know]

Scrape data

How Do Web Scraping Tools Work?  By now, you must have heard about web scraping and its role in helping business owners derive insights from the data available on the web.  Web scraping is the automated process of extracting data from targeted websites. This data is used in areas such as: Competition monitoring Improved customer … Read more

Google Fired an Engineer Who Wrote Code Telling Googlers They Had a Right to Organize

When news broke in November that Google had hired an anti-union consulting firm to handle mounting labor unrest at the company, a 21-year-old security engineer named Kathryn Spiers decided to take action. As part of her job, Spiers creates pop-up notifications informing workers about policy changes at the company. After she learned that Google had hired the … Read more