The Real Reason Hbuhsd Techfest Was Amazing!

We had an Educational Technology conference at our district yesterday and it was Amazing! I was one of the people who planned the event so it’s always hard to tell if things are going the way you envisioned them, but judging from the Tweets  and feedback I have received, it was truly AMAZING! In fact, a few people had insomnia last night because they couldn’t stop thinking about all the ideas that were shared. One of our teachers sent me a very kind email this morning and said,

There were so many amazing things going on all around.  I am still processing and can’t wait until summer so I can spend time practicing and implementing what I learned from TechFest into the classroom.

So this was Amazing on many different levels and ironic, because if you read my last blog post it was Not Amazing!

So how do you get to Amazing?


As the point person, I was thanked many times throughout the day (which I am most gracious for), however the majority of the credit should go to the team. The event was successful because we have an All-Star team of passionate and caring people in our district community who go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day! From the classroom, to the office, to the boardroom, the people who helped organize and particapted in this event were amazing!

Take a look at our schedule for the day and the resources that were shared. Read what was shared using the hashtag #HBTechFest on Twitter. Stop by the HBUHSD Google+ Community page and look at the comments and photos. Check out, a few of the Google Hangouts that were recorded live on Air.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to TechFest and to the students and teachers who are cultivating new cultures of learning throughout our district and community.

When amazing people come together to work on a shared mission… Amazing things happen, and that is Learn Worthy!

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