3 best free plagiarism checkers for teachers

A lot of users use plagiarism checking tools to scan written content and each of them has different requirements. Being a teacher involves a lot of responsibility. These professionals have to perform several tasks including checking assignments. Students submit day to day deliverables as well as yearend papers and they get graded. Considering the busy routine that teachers have, it is not possible for them to read each submission and find copied information. They have to deal with a lot of workloads so this possibility does not exist. In addition to that, they also have to be sure that each paper is checked properly and the student gets the deserving grade. This is only possible if a good plagiarism checker comes into play. How can you pick the correct tool that fulfills all the needs? Searching online and looking at each option is not something that works well. No one has the time to go through a long list of options.

Here are the three best plagiarism checking applications you can have a look at

Most people compare and contrast tools when they are about to make a selection. However, when there are several options available, it becomes hard for users to make the correct choice. If you talk about the most reputed tools available to check plagiarism, this is one of the most credible alternatives.

No plagiarized sections overlooked

Teachers are mainly responsible for checking academic assignments. They have to go through tons of assignments and see what each student has submitted. For instance, if a teacher has 100 students registered in a course, he or she would be checking the same number of assignments. Secondly, this is not a one-time process. This has to be done regularly. However, no carelessness can be done while going through this process. This tool reads through tons of content on an immediate scale. There are no long delays that users have to go through. Considering the tough routines that teachers have, this plagiarism checking tool suits them immensely.

Forget about any monetary pressures

There is no need to worry about monetary pressures when you are dealing with free applications. This plagiarism checker has a high preference rate because it is completely free to use. You do not have to pay any charges for any of the features. Similarly, you do not have to upgrade to a better version after using the tool for a week or month. This problem is faced by a lot of users who don’t check everything about a plagiarism checker before picking it. Hence, they get stressed when suddenly the requirement of upgrading to a paid version arises. You can be sure that no such requirement will arise even if the tool is used for a long span. It is a completely free option.

Easy and convenient interface to handle

Forget about dealing with hard to understand options if you are using this tool. It is one of the simplest plagiarism checking tools you can get your hands on. Which users can use it? A fact is that anyone who needs to get content checked can use it. If you are an article writer who has to check a post, he can use this tool and reduce the workload. The overall process is very simple so you do not have to think about technical skills. If you have basic knowledge of soft wares, you can easily develop a good command. It is an ideal option for teachers who usually lack high-level technical skills. With the pressure of checking loads of tests and assignments, they need a tool that comes in handy for them. It performs plagiarism check with cent percent accuracy. Hence, if any student has submitted copied content, there is no way it can go undetected.


This is another free tool that you can look into. Teachers, as well as other types of writers, do not pay applications as it involves spending money. Apart from offering free access, it comes with a high accuracy level.

  • There is no difference in the penalties applied if the content has 25% copied content or everything is plagiarized. You need to be sure that no part of the content is copied before making the submission. The best way is to use a good plagiarism checking tool. This option is used online and no additional soft wares are needed to run it.

Some tools do not work properly on smartphones and tablets. No such problems exist with this specific tool. It works perfectly on all supported devices. Uses do not face any inconveniences in this case.

Does it check selected areas of the content or every part is scanned? Each line of the written material is checked which is a relief for teachers and all other users. In this way, they do not have to recheck anything after the tool has completed its cycle.


If you want a free online tool that can check assignments, research papers and paraphrased content, you have select this one. The process it has is quite easy.  There is a text box in which you need to paste the desired content. Once you are done, click the “check” button. After that, the scan will be completed and if there are any copied areas, you would know about them.

Who can use this tool? Teachers who have to deal with several student submissions find it suitable. Other than that, it is also used by academic writers and bloggers. The usage is online so no installations take place in this regard. Users only need an internet connection and a compatible device. Users are not required to go through a lengthy learning process as this tool is very simple to use. 

Time is a key factor when it comes to checking plagiarism. When it comes to the routine that college and university teachers follow, they have to check a ton of assignments in a short while. Therefore, it is hard for them to go with a slow paced tool. This tool produces quick results so no delays are experienced.