5 Insightful Questions Modern Marketing Departments Need to Answer

When it comes to the marketing of today, it’s crucial to take the time to analyze why your department does what it does 

Marketing departments often hold the greatest sources of innovation for the world’s growing industries and companies. Just think about it – these teams are tasked with the vital job of promoting a brand’s product or service, making room for expansion and conversations that convert.

Of course, this is done in numerous ways, but across the board, all marketing departments should be pondering some basic thoughts that concern their businesses’ function, growth, customers, and future objectives. In this article we take a look at five questions which do just that.

What are your Team’s Major Goals/Objectives?

The simplest of all questions is also the most important – what are the team’s number one objectives for this quarter, season or year? Although this is something that marketers should outline first and foremost, it is a question that can be revisited along the project.

Some goals can include statements related to the brand’s visibility, website design and customer population. It can also be helpful to consider the best tools that should be utilized in order to meet the objectives. For example, if one goal a marketing team has is to expand their presence on Instagram, hiring a social media expert would be a great place to start.

What are your Customer Retention Strategies?

There’s no doubt that all brands desire a low customer turnover rate. That is why marketing departments must put strategies in place to both retain customers and draw new ones to the surface. Tactics for customer growth are plentiful, but one that has proven to be efficient and effective over time is the use of rewards and promotions. When a company values its customers enough to offer rewards, trust and loyalty is gained in the process.

For example, one industry that has done this particularly well recently is Online Sports Betting. This is especially the case in the U.S. where a host of various providers are vying for the attention of every user, implementation of the latest free bets for both new and returning customers makes all the difference. These deals help to forge relationships with the user and the product, making it more likely that they stick around and lessen their betting activity with competitors.  

man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers

Teamwork and cooperation are essential components of any and all success-driven teams 

How Do you Stack up to Competitors?

Speaking of competitors, marketing departments should also ask themselves time and time again how they are stacking up to their industry opponents. What about the brand makes it more enticing then one that has similar offerings and services? This is where a marketing department must brainstorm about ways to further differentiate their brand against the marketplace.

Some things that help with this is producing compelling content on social media and growing the brand’s identity with graphics and animations so that customers are immediately drawn to the product without even having to read about it first. Modern marketing is especially focused on the use of visual content for expansion, this is due to the fact that most the influential customers today are tech-aware millennials.

How are your Tracking Results? 

All of the above questions are hugely important to a brand’s overall success, but without the tools needed to track results, even the best-laid marketing plans often fall by the wayside. However, now that today’s marketing is mostly done in the digital landscape, tracking sales, customer interaction, and other important data has never been easier.

What are your Future Plans? 

Last but not least, marketing departments should work together to determine what their team’s plans are for future projects, taking into account lessons borne from the relative success or failure of previous projects. This is a chance for the department to take in everything they have learned and apply that knowledge towards the creation of new ideas.

If all this sounds appealing to you, you may want to check out a few of the major jobs which make up a digital marketing team. Who knows – maybe you could be leading a conversation filled with these questions one day!