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how to become a ux designer


How to become a UX designer

“UX designer”. You’ve heard it. You’ve heard people talk about it, but do you know what it means? Basically, the UX is an abbreviation for User Experience. It means that the designer will essentially deal with the experience of the user while using their software, website or app. In essence, the UX is the process […]


How to become a game designer

So you’ve decided to become a game designer? Good. Becoming a game designer is a very challenging and competitive career. It requires a lot of creativity, countless hours of hard work and dedication. You will¬†need to have the passion for it to make things easier. This career requires precise technical skills and knowledge. If you’re […]


What is graphic design?

You’ve heard it a lot, but have you ever wondered what is graphic design? Is it the artistic advertisement? Website graphics? Well, technically yes and no. The list of what graphic design is goes on and on, starting from: Advertisement Posters Book covers Logos Signs Branding So what is really graphic design? Just by using […]