Everything you need to know about the new Google Pixel 4 phones

We've come to that time of year where tech companies announce their latest gadgets, with Google hosting their own hardware event on October 15th.

Google's set to launch their Pixel 4 and 4XL smartphone, the famous successor to the Pixel 3 – announced in October of the year we left behind.

One might have thought that after what happened with the Pixel 3 last year that Google would do its best to stop its latest smartphone from getting leaked.

Well, that's not exactly what they've done. Almost every detail of the new phone is now public, with Google previewing the phone in June of this year.

That pretty much sums up the saying that the best way to get ahead of the leaks is to leak it yourself.

But, before diving into leaks and rumours, let's focus only what Google has already given away. To start with, the phone has a massive square on the back that involves three cameras (iPhone 11 much?).

In essence, it's a complete redesign of the Pixel 3, going more towards the new iPhone 11-style camera setup. Also, what's similar to the iPhone is the monolithic design that replaces the black and silver matte glass back. 

Taking a look at the video showcasing Pixel 4's new features, you can easily tell that there's going to be a big bezel at the top of the phone. It's yet unclear what kind of sensors there are going to be on the front of the phone, but one thing we pretty sure expect is to have a selfie camera for Motion Sense and face unlock.

Take a look at the video below:


You can very easily notice the one absence from the phone – a fingerprint reader on the back. We pretty much know that face unlock has been added – but can we see an in-display fingerprint reader in the front glass?

Google Pixel 4 design

We have a pretty firm idea of how the Pixel 4 and 4 XL should look, thanks to a mixture of posts directly from Google, as well as unofficial hands-on involving what appears to be pre-release hardware.

Thanks to the leaks we can see more of the phone than Google would like us to. One source claims that they've gotten their hands on the phone – which is a Vietnamese site GenK.

Their source claims that the new Pixel 4XL came from a mobile store in Hanoi, but their source hesitates to state the true origin of the device. They strongly believe that the said device is a prototype machine.

Here are two leaked images of the phone:

pixel-4-leak-vietnam google-pixel-4-leak-2

Google Pixel 4 cameras

As satisfied as we have always been with the Pixel 3's camera, we always questioned what Google could accomplish if it abandoned its “one lens is good enough” mentality and doubled up on optics for its flagship smartphones. With the Pixel 4, we're definitely getting our wish.

What we know for sure is that Google's next-generation handsets will tout two cameras on the back, housed in an iPhone 11-esque square housing. On the other hand, we're not completely sure about the nature of that secondary shooter. Reports to date — including one that comes generosity of a camera app teardown from 9to5Google — propose that extra camera partner a telephoto lens with a 16-megapixel sensor.

Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4

Theoretically, a telephoto lens would allow optical zoom, though we've only discovered an 8x digital zoom figure tossed around in association with this camera. That would likely take the actual power of the lens — let's say 2x or 3x — and use Google's Super Res Zoom technology, introduced in the Pixel 3, to take it the rest of the way. We assume the result would present an 8x perspective, through somewhat digital means, that isn't as lossy as digital zoom typically is.

Otherwise, a list of leaked specs, reportedly sent to The Verge, shows that the main camera will remain a 12.2-megapixel one, albeit with a larger ƒ/1.73 opening to allow more light to strike the sensor. Additionally, Google has reportedly redesigned the Pixel 4's camera app and added two methods that will improve shooting fast motion (as in sports) and starry night skies. We expect that those improvements will help the newest Pixel remain on our list of the best camera phones.

Google Pixel 4 price

Last year's Pixel 3 and 3 XL launched at $799 and $899 for the 5.5-inch and 6.3-inch models, individually. Could we see a price rise for Google's next-generation phones? We don't know quite to say for certain, though a suspicious leak from an Irish retailer proposes these new Pixels could be even pricier this time around.

A batch of listings from a site called Elara, spotted by 9to5Google, puts the Pixel 4 and 4 XL prices at €819.98 and €1126.68. That roughly turns to $893 and $1228, individually, or £727 and £998. For what it's worth, those listings seem to have been taken down at the time of writing.

Now, if those Euro values check out, it's unlikely Google will simply straight-up transform them to dollars and pounds and leave it at that — managing the price across regions is usually a more complex task. However, through conversion, we can still ascertain a ballpark estimation of how much the Pixel 4 will go for.

Given that Google introduced the cheaper and more accessible Pixel 3a earlier in the year, we wouldn't be particularly surprised to see the company embrace the $1,000 flagship model the likes of Apple and Samsung have already adopted. Then again, rumors regarding price can be easily faked — so take this one with a grain of salt.

Google Pixel 4 news

  • One of the Pixel 4's new miscellaneous features is a voice recorder with automatic transcription called Google Recorder.
  • Evan Blass has leaked some official renders of the Pixel 4, including both sizes and all three colors.

While it's not really guaranteed that this is the final version of the device or if it's going to look like this, the prototype looks awfully similar to the renders and what Google's already shown us.

On top of many leaked images of the phone, there happens to be an ad that Google made about the phone.

Google Pixel 4 release date

The Pixel 4 and 4 XL will be announced Oct. 15 at the company's next Made by Google event in New York City. There we also assume to hear news regarding a new Chromebook, among other hardware announcements.

As far as the phones' release date is affected, we can gather some insights from last year's Pixel 3 reveal. Google's previous flagship broke cover on Oct 9, 2018; nine days later, on Oct. 18, it went on sale. Therefore, we expect another week or so the gap between launch and the ship date.

Talking about specs, 9to5Google has been exclusively told by a trusted resource that Pixel 4 and 4XL will have a 5.7-inch and 6.3-inch OLED displays.

The source also reported that the Google Pixel 4 will have a 2,800 mAh battery, while the bigger model will have a 3,700 mAh battery.

Both devices will be available with 64GB and 128GB storage, as well as having 6GB of RAM.

They will also come with the latest version of Android software and pack the Snapdragon 855.

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The only thing for sure is that only time will tell whether the specifics are just what we expect. Also, we're predicting that there will be an upgraded Google Assitant, camera improvements and some new software features to compete with the new iPhone 11.

There are though still some mysteries about the phone such as:

  • Will there be a 5G version?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How wel will the new face unlock feature actually work?

To answer these questions, we're going to have to wait for the announcement on October 15th. Unless Google continues to leak information about its upcoming products…