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Best subreddits to learn programming in Reddit

learn programming in redditReddit is dubbed as “The front page of the internet”, and as far as the information goes, it fits the name. Since it's the front page of the internet, it might be a good thing to learn programming in Reddit.

But, in context, Reddit is really a website with two particular reputations. For redditors (it's what the users of reddit are called), it's a great way to spend the free time on the app. They can participate in discussions, learn new awesome things and  get answers from highly engaged communities. On the other hand, for people who don't use Reddit daily, it can be a bit confusing. There are a lot of inside jokes, anonymity runs rampant and people fighting over upvotes.

Be that as it may, Reddit is really, really different than Facebook, Twitter or every other social network. This being said, there are plenty of reasons why you could start learn programming in reddit.

If you're interested you can begin to learn programming in Reddit using these subreddits:

  • r/programming
  • r/learnProgramming
  • r/coding
  • r/reactjs
  • r/csharp
  • r/JavaScript
  • r/CSS
  • r/LearnJavaScript


The subreddit that tops it in Reddit is r/Programming. There are a whopping 2.2 Million members currently active on this subreddit, and occasionally there are 5k to 10k online.

Of course, you can start learning programming in Reddit from this subreddit, but in my opinion you shouldn't. This subreddit really is for a bit more advanced programmers who are currently working, or have worked before.

You can get confused by the terminology used and you might think it's too hard to code and ditch programming. But, if you're at all experience in the field feel free to explore this subreddit. It has a lot of great posts where you can learn different things.

The post that got the most upvotes is from the user the_phet and it talks about how programmers have more interest in starting a new project instead of using the old code. It's really a great read!

Check it out below:

There’s a reason that programmers always want to throw away old code and start over: they think the old code is a mess. They are probably wrong. The reason that they think the old code is a mess is because of a cardinal, fundamental law of programming: It’s harder to read code than to write it. from programming

Learn programming in Reddit

The second best subreddit for programming is r/LearnProgramming. There are a total of 1 Million members currently subscribed to this subreddit.

What makes it interesting to learn programming in Reddit is that you can ask practically any question and tag it as [Serious] and no one will joke about it. No matter how lame or simple the question is. Even if you're a beginner and seeking help in programming, there are a lot of redditors ready to help you.

Different from other subreddits, r/LearnProgramming is really more of a general scope of questions. Starting from simple tasks on HTML/CSS, up to the most complicated stuff like Python. You can always sort the questions/topics. Personally, every time I'm on a new subreddit I tend to sort by Top Of All Time just to see The Hall Of Fame of that particular subreddit.

The top post on this subreddit is from the user robeendey and it shows how he taught 30k students how to code, and he's offering now his courses for free. Check it out below!

I've taught 30,000 students how to code. Now I'm offering my course for free, forever. from learnprogramming


If you're into JavaScript, you've probably heard of the newest library called “React”.

React is a library that is used for building user interfaces (UI). Interestingly, it is just 6 years old and is being used a lot since the release date. Currently, it's being maintained by Facebook and community.

If you've worked your way around JavaScript and you're looking to learn programming in Reddit, this is the place for you. Indeed Javascript is “endless”, and the React library is the library to start learning and using.

Considering that many people are beginners in React, there is a thread called “Beginner's thread / Easy Questions” for every month. There are a lot of things you can learn from those threads and a great place to interact with people using React.

The user LeCoupa shared his cheatsheet that includes everything you should know about React. Check it out below:

I've made a react.js cheatsheet that includes everything you should know in one single file from reactjs


Even if this subreddit doesn't have as many members as the ones above, it still might be a great way to learn new things in programming. R/coding has in total 160k members, and usually has 500-1K users online, ready to help you.

R/Coding is not entirely focused on programming per se, but it covers also a lot of exciting things such as algorithms, different languages, software engineering and much more. There are also a lot of graphs explaining many things like How sorting algorithms work and stuff like that.

One post that really fascinates me is from the user FollowSteph and it talks about the difference between Value Types and Reference Types. Check it out below:

What's the difference between Value Types & Reference Types from csharp



R/WebDev is the place to be when it comes to developing websites. HTML? Check. CSS? Check. JavaScript? Check. Besides the front end, there are also information on the back end of web development. Depending on your experience, or what you want to learn, you can get information in this subreddit.

However, web development is divided into two categories:

  • Front-end – This is the part that the user interacts with, the design and the user interface. This covers the positioning and designing, like where and how should a button look like.
  • Back-end – This is what happens in the background. It covers the functionality of the website, like what does a particular button do and such things.

In conclusion, as long as you stick with web development, this might be a great place to learn web development in Reddit.

It really has a lot of cool stuff, and the one post I really like is this log in form below:


Animated login avatar from web_design

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