LinkedIn listed 10 skills with the highest demand in 2020

What skill does the workforce value most? What are the 10 skills that are the highest in demand in 2020?

Recruiters around the world have a front-row seat to the changing mix of skills most prized in the business world. And understanding what those skills are can give you a tremendous boost. But these skills tend to change gradually over time. And only the most sought-after hard skills evolve in a light-speed, pushed mostly by the relentless transformation of the technology.

LinkedIn's top 10 skills with the highest demand in 2020
LinkedIn's top 10 skills with the highest demand in 2020

Here are LinkedIn's 10 skills with high demand in 2020:

  1. Blockchain
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Analytical reasoning
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. UX design
  6. Business analysis
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Sales
  9. Scientific computing
  10. Video production


Blockchain, in essence, is a growing list of records called blocks that are linked using cryptography. Originally, blockchain was invented by someone you probably know called Satoshi Nakamoto.

It was first invented in 2008 in order to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. And with that, the first digital currency to solve the double-spending problem without the need for a trusted authority was solved.

What is a blockchain?
What is a blockchain?

Blockchain technology is currently being used way beyond only on cryptocurrencies. It has a seemingly endless number of applications in different industries. But, what's the real purpose of blockchain? Why is it used so much that it made the “10 skills with the highest demand in 2020” list?

Well, blockchain is…proof. That's pretty much what blockchain boils down to – proof.

It proves you own something digital; you own 1 Bitcoin. You own the digital copies of your health records. And also, you own your vote. And whatever digital info you have on the blockchain, it will prove itself that you own it. No one can pirate it or copy it. It's purely and only yours. 

A great option for this is the Bitcoin Revolution software.

Cloud computing

Putting it simply: cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet (“the cloud”). This includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, etc. 

Usually, you pay for the cloud services you use, which helps you lower the operation cost, run your infrastructure more efficiently. This all leads to scale as your business needs change.

The benefits of Cloud Computing
The benefits of Cloud Computing

There are a lot of benefits of cloud computing, such as:

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Global scale
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Productivity

By using cloud computing, you eliminate the capital expense of buying physical hardware and software and setting them up. It also reduces the cost for the racks of servers, the 24h electricity power and the IT experts for managing it.

Cloud computing is also way more reliable than their alternatives. It makes more data backups, disaster recoveries, and business continuity easier and less expensive. This is all because the data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider's network.

Analytical reasoning

Analytica reasoning refers to the ability to look at the information provided, and discern a certain pattern within them.

It basically involves deductive reasoning with no specialized knowledge like:

  • Comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships
  • Recognizing logically equivalent statements
  • Inferring what could/must be true from the given facts

Analytical reasoning is axiomatic in that its truth is self-evident.

Analytical reasoning
Analytical reasoning


UX design

By UX design we understand the process that design teams use in order to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

UX is short for User Experience.

UX involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and functions.

User experience and user interface are, more often than not, confused about being the same thing. UX deals with how the app will work, while UI deals with how the app will look like. UX design covers a vast array of other areas compared to the UI.

The user experience design process
The user experience design process

There are 7 basic factors that affect the UX of an app:

  • Usefulness
  • Accessible
  • Desirable
  • Credible
  • Valuable
  • Usable
  • Findable

Most of the UX designers keep those in mind when working on a new project. Do these right, and you're golden.

Business analysis

In essence, business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and finding the best solution for them. These solutions often include:

  • Software-system development
  • Process improvements
  • Organizational change
  • Strategic planning and policy development

Business analysts do not work solely on developing software systems. They work across the organization, solving problems in consultation with the business stakeholders.

Business analysis process and techniques
Business analysis process and techniques

The analyst usually interacts with the stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand their specific problems and needs. The analyst gathers documents, files, analytics and such. Then, the analyst analyzes the business needs and requirements, and solves the problem as needed, and designs technical solutions for it.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person's company or product. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy and promotes them for a certain profit each sale they make.

The volatile nature of the business makes it an impossible fantasy to calculate your annual income based on a day or week. If this you earn for $1,000 a day, don't assume you'll cash in $365,000 by the end of the year. In this case, your current earnings, in relation to salary, are $2.73 per day.

Affiliate marketing is a logical and flexible sales model, which is known to create multiple income streams. But, you have to keep in mind that it's not a get-rich-quick kind of model. earning an income through affiliate marketing requires:

Research into products

Web traffic patterns

Follower's interests…and lots of it.

Affiliate Marketing explained
Affiliate Marketing explained

Scientific computing

Scientific computing, also known as computational science, is a rapidly-growing field that uses advanced computing capabilities to solve complex problems. It's an area of science that touches a lot of disciplines while holding at core development models and simulations of natural systems.

Practically speaking, it's usually the application of computer simulation to solve problems in various scientific disciplines. The field is different from theory and lab experiments, which are the traditional form of science and engineering.

The definition of science computing
The definition of science computing

Video production

Video production represents the process of creating video content. It's kind of the equivalent of filmmaking, but with images recorded digitally.

This includes scriptwriting, scheduling, logistic and other administrative duties. Production is the phase of video that captures the video content and involves filming the subject of the video.

Marketing is really one of the many vital facets of a business entity today. And one of the most successful forms of marketing is through video production. It's no longer limited to movie industries like before. These days, owners are beginning to get a full idea of how imporant video production is.

The process of video production
The process of video production

According to a lot of studies, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Therefore, people always try to utilize and exploit the web traffic it commands.

And good video production will definitely boost your marketing strategy. It can help convince target audiences towards buying the product or service you're offering.