Reflection Time: Do Technological Innovations make Us Lazy?

The world seems to be getting more and more technologically advanced every single year. New phones, new smart devices, new cars, and everything else is advancing. These advancements seem to make us more connected, more aware, more unlimited in our options. 

We can make sweeping changes with the press of a button, order food, and talk to friends halfway around the world with a few clicks, and our phones contain more technology than ever before. All that advancement has to be good, right? But is it ruining us as well?

All the most significant tech innovations have one thing in common; they are designed to keep us using that technology. That typically means that we are sitting down with eyes glued to screens, and does that make us lazy?

Yes, it does. Not too many people think like this, but having more and more options with technology can cause laziness. When you sit down and play on your phone instead of living life, it can make you lazy. 

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So how do we reclaim our motivation and drive to do things in the face of ever-increasing technology? Well, you can follow a few steps to use technology without having it make life too easy.

Look at what it is having you do

The first step to breaking any laziness regarding technology is to see what it is having you do. Make a list of all the things you are having a machine do for you, and then examine it at the end of the day. As an example, let’s say this is was technology is doing for you:

  • Ordering food
  • Acting as entertainment 
  • Acting as email
  • Ordering items

Then look at the tool itself; let’s say it’s a phone. When you strip a phone down to its most basic components, what is a phone designed to do? It is designed to text and call, not be a mini-computer in your pocket. 

So if your phone is designed to text and call, why are you using it for anything else? Sitting on the couch and ordering food with your phone is lazy if there isn’t a reason for it, the same thing with using it as entertainment.

Looking At Other Technology

Another way that our phones make us lazy by controlling other technologies and doing jobs we could do ourselves. For example, let’s say you use your phone to unlock your front door rather than unlocking it yourself. 

While this can be convenient if you have your hands full or want to check who is at the door, it borders into laziness if you are able to open the door but choose not to. Smart devices allow our phone to do everything nowadays: It can lock our cars, control our homes, and even do our gardening work.

So think about what your phone controls and then see if you can eliminate that extra step. For example, if you always use your phone to unlock your car whenever you leave the house, put the phone down, and grab the keys instead.

Convenience vs laziness

This issue is bound to come up as time goes on, especially if you are trying to be less lazy with your phone. Being lazy is all about taking the easy route to avoid hard work, but on the other side of the coin is convenience. It is a thin line between them, and you’ll need to know about it before you make any real change with your technology. 

If you are looking at what side you fall on, it really depends on the situation. If you need to unlock your car door in a pouring rainstorm, then using your phone can help to make that situation more manageable. If it’s a sunny day, then using your phone is an act of laziness.

The main difference between convenience and laziness is due to the circumstances around the situation. If an outside circumstance like bad weather is going to make your task harder, you can cheat a bit and use technology. If nothing is making the task harder and you want to use technology anyway, it is laziness.

Cutting down dependence

One of the reasons we use technology so much is because we are dependent on it, and we use it all the time. By simply walking away from our screens, we can start doing more without them. Your phone provides instant gratification, and without it, you are forced to look elsewhere for that gratification.

By putting away your phone, you will feel a desire to do something with your time. This could be a desire to go for a walk, clean your home, learn a new skill, or go see some friends. That’s the best way to fight laziness, and soon you won’t rely on technology so much for entertainment. 

Dealing with laziness

Yes, the rise and importance of technology can make us lazy and dependent on it. Thankfully, it’s a reversible process. As long as you have some self-awareness and discipline about what you use your phone and computer for, then things can go well. The dependence on your phone is a habit, and like all habits, it can be broken.

After you control your laziness, it’ll be amazing to see how life changes for you and how your mental toughness will grow too. You’ll live a happier and healthier life, and then life will get even better for you.