7 benefits of Installing a Roof Rack on Your Adventure Vehicle

Thanks to the improvement in technology, it is possible to install many things on our vehicles to maximize functionality. The choice of which accessory to install is a factor of the preference and specific use you have for it. Your lifestyle and intention for the vehicle also affect the nature of accessories you will get.

For hikers and people that love going on an adventure, one such essential accessory is a roof rack. This is one of the most necessary accessories for people who regularly go on a picnic or expedition with their family or friends. It is a worthwhile investment that will remove every form of restriction in transporting essential items for your outdoor activities. A roof rack can be the difference between having a kickass expedition and a poor one. 

This article explores seven solid reasons why a roof rack will make sense and benefit your adventure vehicle. 

  1. Installation is Easy

You don’t have to be technologically savvy to know how to install a roof rack. There are universal roof racks that can fit any vehicle, while some companies make theirs to fit specific vehicles. As long as you can interpret the user manual, installation should not pose any serious problem.   

The roof rack comes with a unique design to fit the specific structure of the intended vehicle. The design gives a perfect fit on all installations. For instance, GoPro roof rack mounting brackets allow it to be installed directly on the factory-installed mounting points located on your vehicle. 


Photo by Patrick Langwallner on Unsplash

  1. Your vehicle gets Enough Storage Space.

There are times you might be going on a picnic with the entire member of your family, where the whole passenger seat gets filled. This is possible when the outing involves kids and guests. You might need to go on a holiday where the whole space of your vehicle will be utilized. Squeezing your things alongside everyone will be uncomfortable and unsafe. 

A roof rack allows everyone to sit comfortably inside the vehicle with enough room to stretch their legs without feeling suffocated. A roof rack can house every piece of luggage you have, which leaves the cabin for human occupancy.

  1. Improves the Safety of Your Vehicle 

When going on an adventure in the woods, you will have to navigate many rough terrains. With a roof rack, however, your vehicle will be saved while navigating such a landscape. This will not be the case if your luggage is in the boot, as it will make it difficult to control the vehicle, especially on an uphill road. The excessive weight will make navigation easy, which could cause overheating of your engine.

There are strong roof racks that will ensure that your loads are evenly distributed on the roof of your vehicle. With this, you can have a comfortable journey no matter how difficult the terrain. 

  1. Your Vehicle gets an Improved overall appearance.

A roof rack on your vehicle gives it a pretty robust look. Even an improved appearance might appear like a trivial benefit, and it can be the perfect option for people who desire to give their car an upgrade without breaking the bank. Your aim for getting the roof rack was not to improve your vehicle’s appearance. However, if you can get this benefit as well, it is a welcomed advantage.


Photo by Fluid Imagery on Unsplash

  1. Allows for a Comfortable Journey

One of the factors that affect your road trip experience is your comfort in the vehicle. Filling the car with bags and other luggage will make the journey uncomfortable for everyone. This is not surprising as people will have no option but to squeeze themselves into a limited space. Remaining in this position for hours will make it difficult for them to stretch the legs and come with body pain afterward. 

With a roof rack, you can avoid the awkwardness that comes from squeezing one other inside the vehicle. 

  1. You get an Adequate Room for a Rooftop tent.

Campers and many outdoor enthusiasts love the roof rack system because it provides the perfect platform to transport their tent. A good roof rack system removes the limitation on what to transport alongside the type of rooftop tent to use. 

Your primary concern is to ensure that you have a robust rooftop system that can hold the weight of such a tent. 

  1. Ability to Transport Bulky Items

Your vehicle might be a small sedan, yet you need to move large items from time to time, especially your canoe or bicycle, along with you for the adventure. These oversized items will hardly fill the cabin even if there is no passenger in your vehicle. 

Besides, squeezing such items might create a safety hazard for you while driving or even damage parts of your vehicle like the windscreen. With a roof rack system, however, you can easily transport bulky items without worrying about your safety or damage to your car. 


Photo by Kenzie Kraft on Unsplash


A roof rack is one of the best investments for your vehicle. It will come in handy in many ways, especially if you will have to go on an expedition or other outdoor-related activities. It keeps your vehicle safe, offering enough storage space for your car while every passenger gets to sit comfortably and enjoy the journey. With the proper roof rack installed on your vehicle, you can be sure of an incredible adventure that will tick your entire box.