Google Fired an Engineer Who Wrote Code Telling Googlers They Had a Right to Organize

When news broke in November that Google had hired an anti-union consulting firm to handle mounting labor unrest at the company, a 21-year-old security engineer named Kathryn Spiers decided to take action. As part of her job, Spiers creates pop-up notifications informing workers about policy changes at the company. After she learned that Google had hired the … Read more

Reverse Image Search – Find Similar Images

Reverse Image Search - Find Similar Images

What is a reverse image search, and what benefits you can gain by doing a reverse search? All of these questions and the ones related to reverse image search would be answered today in detail. Not only you will get to know what reverse image search is but you will also learn how to do … Read more

3 best free plagiarism checkers for teachers

A lot of users use plagiarism checking tools to scan written content and each of them has different requirements. Being a teacher involves a lot of responsibility. These professionals have to perform several tasks including checking assignments. Students submit day to day deliverables as well as yearend papers and they get graded. Considering the busy … Read more

Is a Mobile Dock Right for You?

In just a few short decades, mobile devices have risen from useful communication devices to necessary tools in work and our personal lives. We all know this to some degree, yet mobiles are rarely employed to the full extent of their abilities. One such example of this, and the one we want to look at … Read more

500,000 Zoom accounts hacked and sold on the black market – here’s how to protect yours

There are over 500,000 stolen Zoom logins floating around the dark web. That’s not good, especially since they’re being sold for next to nothing, but it’s a great reminder that you should not be using the same credentials for different services. This is by far the best way to protect your Zoom account. You can undo—and prevent—any … Read more

“The Circles Method” framework

The Circles Method The Circles Method is the framework of Product management best practices used by Google when interviewing potential product managers. It is quite a popular framework known for its effectivity and has been featured in the Business Insider. It is important to note that this method is useful for helping candidates to answer … Read more

Everything you need to know about using Zoom

Everything you need to know about using Zoom

Zoom is an American remote conferencing services company.  Eric Yuan is the founder of Zoom a lead engineer from Cisco Systems. The service started in January of 2013 and by May it claimed one million participants. During the first year of the release, Zoom founded with B2B collaboration software providers, like Redbooth. Since the coronavirus … Read more

Famous iOS apps are snooping on the Pasteboard

This article provides an investigation of some famous iOS apps that frequently snooping on the pasteboard without user consent. These apps range from popular games and social networking apps to news apps of major news organizations. We found that many apps quietly read any text found in the pasteboard every time the app is opened. … Read more

3 ways to transition to remote working during COVID-19

3 ways to transition to remote working during COVID-19

Companies around the world have rolled out mandatory remote work. It’s a great measurement to take to stop the spread of the COVID-19. And whether you’re a newbie or WFH veteran, here’s how to transition to remote working during COVID-19. Google, Amazon, Hitachi, Apple, Twitter and so on. All these global companies have rolled out mandatory … Read more

How much space do pics taken with Galaxy S20 Ultra use?

How much space do pics taken with Galaxy S20 Ultra use

There’s no denying that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is something bold. Something special. It exists to show off its camera features. There’s the 108-megapixel sensor, capturing scenes for detailed crop-ins that invariably make you say “wow!” Then there’s the 100x zoom lens that reveals lettering, faces and architectural details you can’t see from afar with the naked … Read more

How to “coronavirus clean” your smartphone

How to coronavirus clean your smartphone

Beyond our faces, what do we touch all the time? Our phones. So how to “coronavirus clean” your smartphone? While the coronavirus most frequently spreads among close contacts via respiratory droplets and transmission to persons from contaminated surfaces has not been documented, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health officials encourage cleaning and disinfecting … Read more

The best Supercomputer yet to be deployed against Coronavirus

The best Supercomputer yet to be deployed against Coronavirus

The US Department of Energy has announced that the Summit supercomputer will be used to attempt to find a treatment or cure for Covid-19. To clarify: The name of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is SARS-CoV-2. Thanks to Maya Posch for catching this distinction. Summit is a 10MW machine built with 4,608 processing nodes. Each … Read more

10 features leaked for the new iOS 14

10 features leaked for the new iOS 14

Over the weekend, we reported on a few potentially life-saving new features coming to Apple Watch that were leaked via an early look at iOS 14 code. Now, it seems that iOS 14 preview has revealed that not only are there still a ton of additional new features coming soon to Apple Watch, but that … Read more