20 Things to know before you start programming

Everyone who started coding started out pretty much in the same seat as you. It can be extremely frustrating. A lot of people tend to give up when they start teaching themselves to code. It can be overwhelming, and not bearable at times. That’s why the CTO and Co-found of TheFireHouseProject.com were nice enough to tell us … Read more

“Unstoppable Domains” extension gives access to ‘uncensorable’ webs

New Chrome extension gives access to 'uncensorable' webs

Unstoppable Domains’ latest product, a Google Chrome extension, is part of a suite allowing users to create and browse censorship-resistant websites. First, the Unstoppable Domains built blockchain domain names. Then, it launched its first own browser. And now, they want to make it even easier to access the dece The Tim Draper-backed firm announced Wednesday the launch … Read more

IEEE Spectrum ranked the top trending programming languages

IEEE Spectrum ranked the top trending programming languages

IEEE Spectrum finally ranked the top trending programming languages. For those who are not familiar, IEEE is a not-for-profit organization. And it’s also the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. They decided to rank the popularity of a dozen programming languages. The rankings were created by weighting … Read more

StackOverflow’s developer survey results for 2019

StackOverflow's developer survey results for 2019

StackOverflow’s developer survey results for 2019 are published at last, and they’re very interesting. Last year, almost 90,000 developers participated in telling how they learned and leveled up. They also told what tools they’re using, and what they usually want. As known, StackOverflow’s developer survey is the biggest and most comprehensive survey for devs in … Read more

Highest Paid Programming Languages in 2020

Highest Paid Programming Languages in 2020

If you are thinking about studying a new programming language, you’re probably questioning what the highest paid programming languages are and what kind of developers earn the most! The quick and perhaps obvious answer here is that the most in-demand programming languages will give you the best salary. So keep reading as we uncover which … Read more

How video games help solve real-world problems faster

You might be an occasional gamer, breaking out the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC when you need to give your brain a break. But, did you know that video games help solve real-world problems faster? As the famous game developer and researcher, Jane McGonigal noted in her TEDTalk, gamers are out-of-the-box problem solvers. Why? Because, as she claims, … Read more

Make Your Android App With Movable To SD Card Feature

Not Enough Space warning pops up every time you try installing an app. Right from fun-loving games like PUBG or downloading photos of your loved ones or 4K videos, every element seems to have taken its toll in the smartphone realm. But the question is storing huge amounts of data on your smartphone’s internal device … Read more

Securing Mobile Applications with Cert Pinning

CERT Pinning

Securing Mobile Applications with Cert Pinning Cert Pinning is a security process wherein a web application developer clearly defines specific certificates, to secure communications made by a mobile user, while using an application. It is essential to protect and defend the connection made from the request to the backend server, and this is where encryption … Read more

How dangerous are fake chargers?

Most chargers that are available on the market are pure counterfeit. But how dangerous are fake chargers for you and your phone? Well, these particular chargers have not been through the same quality control process as genuine cables from Samsung or Apple. Every head, whether it’s an 8 Pin Lightning, Micro USB or USB-C, has to go … Read more

5 best camera features on the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung finally exposed its latest flagship phones: Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and the S20 Ultra. The S20 Ultra is the hero of them all. It has boosted specs and features that you can’t find in the other two. But what grabs your attention is the camera. It contains some of the biggest upgrades and it’s … Read more

The top 9 iOS 13 features and perks

The top 9 iOS 13 features and perks

You’ve probably read about the best iOS 13 features coming to your iPhone. But to be totally honest with you, the full list of iOS 13 perks is really overwhelming. While it’s amazing having all those big, headlining features like a redesigned Photos app and the long-awaited Dark Mode, the real focus should be elsewhere. It should be … Read more

Differences between Windows and Linux

Like any two things from the same field, there are a lot of fundamental differences between Windows and Linux too Windows OS Windows is a series of operating systems, developed by Microsoft for personal desktops or laptops. Every single system comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) and with a desktop that allows the user to see … Read more

5 reasons why startups fail

5 reasons why startups fail

Why do most of the startups fail? We’ve all had the perfect idea to start a startup once in our lifetime. It was the next Facebook or Google. But, according to this article from FastCompany, roughly 75% of startups fail. 75%! But you’re not one of them, right? That’s what everyone thinks at first. In another study … Read more

How To Become A Database Administrator – A Step by Step Guide

How To Become A Database Administrator

A database administrator, sometimes referred to as a database manager is the position of dealing with databases. This involves: Creating a database Maintaining the database Taking care of the integrity of data Updating the database Every company needs to have a database containing useful information, be that for employees or clients. Usually, companies hire the … Read more

How to become an IT consultant

how to become an it consultant

So, you’re thinking of becoming an IT consultant? Great choice! The information technology consultant is one of the most demanded jobs currently in the US. Basically, an IT consultant will have to provide: Support Training Consultation services regarding software/hardware Consultation for multimedia Maintenance for databases, networks and hardware IT consultants career requirements Before we dive … Read more

What can I do with a computer science degree?

what can i do with a degree in computer science

If you’re on the verge of choosing your career, you’ve probably wondered what you can do with a computer science degree. Since you’re interested in computer science, you already must have technical and non-technical skills. Additionally, the scope of the computer science is rising and gives you a lot of choices. With a degree in … Read more