The Best Cars for Beginners and Young Drivers

It can be really confusing trying to find out the best cars for beginners and young drivers.

It can be even more confusing trying to figure out which car should be your first. It doesn't really matter if you're a recent grad with your first real job, or someone different from the prototype first-time car buyer, it will be confusing.

Actually, the car-buying process is never filled with as much uncertainty as it is the first time.

It's best if you take care of this list below, and the process should become easier for you. Here's what you need to do:

  • Establish a realistic budget
  • Know how much you can spend monthly
  • Establish your transportation needs
  • Identify your wants and needs
  • Do your research (a lot of it)
  • Find a great dealer
  • Take the car for a test drive
  • Secure financing (this is crucial)

Buying a car can be daunting, buying your first car is formidable. You should think of a lot of things, such as engine size, safety ratings, and a lot of other quality measurements. Even after you finish those, you have to consider your income, your local market, and other personal factors.

We're trying to make things easier for you and list the best cars for beginners and young drivers.

Our top 7 list is

  1. Honda Civic(2018)
  2. Subaru Impreza (2019)
  3. Ford Fiesta (2019)
  4. Nissan Sentra SR Turbo (2019)
  5. Volkswagen Jetta (2019)
  6. Toyota Corolla (2019)
  7. Mazda 6 (2018)

Honda Civic (2018)

The size of the 2018 Honda Civic is what makes it perfect for beginners. Even though small at the size, it packs a pretty good punch especially if you're buying your first car.

You can choose from a variety of engine options, and as a beginner, we'd advise choosing from the 1.5 liters or the 2.0-liter model. They provide excellent bang for your buck in terms of fuel economy.

Additionally, the turbo version has a lot of power more power according to feedback.

What makes the Civic top the list is, besides everything else, it has a lot of space and for the passenger too. This provides comfort during any kind of trip you'll take. The passenger space comes due to excellent handling in a spacious interior. The small drawback would probably be the low design for the car in general. It will now always be easy to get in or out, especially for young legs.

honda civic 2018

Subaru Impreza (2019)

The Subaru Impreza is a tremendously functional and very fuel-efficient car for first-time buyers. This makes the Impreza one of the best cars for beginners and young drivers.

While it's not an SUV, which is what most teens tend to lean towards, it still manages to handle much like one. And it also provides parents with some kind of comfort as it's one of the most dependable cars there is. It's useful and very safe in all kinds of weather, coming from the fact that its an All-Wheel-Drive car.

Additionally, what a great feature of the Subaru Impreza is, is how quiet the drive of the Impreza is on any kind of road.

Plus, it's very spacious inside, even in the back seat passengers and it has a lot of boot room.

The only downside (for some people anyway) would be that the engine is not very powerful. Not that it's the slowest car there is, because it can still accelerate and at a decent pace, and it will offer you great fuel economy. It's very impressive how fuel-economy the Impreza is considering that it's an All-Wheel drive car.

subaru impreza 2019

Ford Fiesta (2019)

There is a reason why the Fiesta still tops the lists when it comes to buying a car for the first time. It's very easy to drive one, and this is probably the main reason why it's the best car for beginners.

Plus, now it has Mykey which is a way that parents can control and set limits in a lot of things in the Fiesta. This can include obvious items such as:

  • Speed limits
  • Reminders to wear seatbelts
  • Limit the volume on the radio

The MyKey feature works on a code-basis, which means that when the key is used that requires the limits, the car sets them automatically. On the other hand, when the parent's key is used the limits are off.

The only downside remains the price. While it may be a little more pricey than the rest of the list, there is a good ROI (return on investment) in terms of quality. It's very spacious and very practical to use. It makes it exceptionally comfortable to drive for long roads, be that on motorways or otherwise.

ford fiesta 2019

Nissan Sentra SR Turbo (2019)

The Nissan Sentra is mocked as a good option when you're looking for good first cars for girls, or simply looking for the best cars for teens. However, it's both responsive as well as secure, even though real driving enthusiasts may be a little bit disappointed by the stiff feel of the overall drive.

Acceleration is also kind of slow, which makes it perfect for safe driving. And safe driving is the key to become a good driver!

For those who are more flexible on payments and have real determination, there is a sportier version of them.

However, the Sentra stands tall on the road, which makes it very easy even for parents to get in our out. Another good feature for parents is how the taller position gives a better sight of the road. Also, the rear seat passenger will not feel cramped in the roomy interior too.

Another excellent feature about the Sentra Turbo is the safety feature that includes a blind-spot warning system and read cross-traffic alerts. 

Additionally, the Sentra also possesses the collision warning as standard, as well as the automatic emergency braking.

nissan sentra turbo 2018

Volkswagen Jetta (2019)

The Jetta is an excellent option and deserves a place in the best cars for beginners and young drivers list.

This is down to its fuel economy, and also the user-friendly controls that make for an uncomplicated drive in its very roomy inside the cabin.

It's a great choice because of the comfort you will have while driving it, considering how spacious the inside is. And also the German Mechanics will work wonders in terms of engine usage.

Most users like the turbocharged four-cylinder engine that comes in 1.4 liters as standard. Though it can be slow at times, it does provide you with a very quick acceleration when needed.

Handling is also secure, making the Jetta one of the safest cars for teens and their need for speed coupled with their risky inexperience on the road.

Another safety feature that is very attractive is the automatic emergency brake, forward-collision warning as well as the blind-spot warning system.

volkswagen jetta 2019

Toyota Corolla (2019)

The Corolla is a well-known and very famous car for first car buyers for a couple of very good reasons. It is a sedan model that has a quiet ride on the inside and provides the passengers very smooth and comfortable journeys.

Some people tend to believe that the SE version of this car is often deemed as having improved handling to the standard model, which does at least handle in one of the most secure fashions there is.

In terms of fuel expenses, the driver can average about 32 miles per gallon, though on a highway it tends to increase those numbers. Normally, highway driving can see the driver achieve about 43 miles per gallon, which is very attractive for teens.

Another feature you will like is the Bluetooth connectivity, climate control and a touchscreen radio that is very easy to use.

What the parents might like a lot is the forward-collision warning and the automatic emergency braking system.

toyota corolla 2019

Mazda 6 (2018)

The Mazda 6 is a tremendously enjoyable car to drive. This makes the Mazda 6 secure a place on the best cars for beginners and young drivers.

It's very popular among people that are thinking about cars for first-time drivers or even good first cars for girls.

It is very chic with a slightly sporty edge. The drivers will find it a little smaller than other good cheap first cars, but the engine provides a 28 miles per gallon from the standard 2.8 liters engine.

Another great feature that most of the drivers had is the easy cornering and the fact that the car seems to absorb all the lumps and bumps on the road. Feeling safe and comfortable while driving should be one of the top priorities when buying a first car.

For parents that are worried about safety, the Mazda also comes with a forward-collision warning as well as a city speed automatic emergency braking.

Both come as standard and provide the parents with a lot of reassurance and calm for their children's' safety.

mazda 6 2018

If you feel like another car would fit here, please leave a comment or contact us.