The Best Way to Learn Python As A Beginner

“What is the best way to learn Python as a beginner?” – a very, very common question.

Python is without a doubt one of the most versatile, powerful programming languages in the world. Using Python you can create:

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Design algorithms
  • Program a robot!

Learning Python will also open doors to your career such as becoming a software engineer, web and mobile developer, or a data scientist. It will drastically improve your career path, and it's worth pursuing it.

Check out below the popularity of Python recently:

python popularity

So the question is, what is the best way to learn Python?

Learning Python has never been easier

The good news here is that it has never been easier to learn Python than today. There are countless resources on every little detail you want to dig into. It's really a great opportunity to start learning python right away.

The downside, however is that you it can get difficult to sift through all the books and courses. And not to forget to mention that not everyone learns the same – a course that worked for your friends might not be the one for you.

Before anything else, you need to ask yourself some key question before finding out the best way to learn Python.

  1. Why do you want to start learning Python?
  2. What's your learning style?
  3. What would you say your coding level is?

Let's start with why do you want to start learning Python?

Are you looking to make a career change through Python? Or are just having an idea for a great app that you want to develop yourself? Do you want to add Python in your resume to increase your chances to get a better role in a company?

These are all valid reasons to start learning Python. Identifying the reason why you want to start learning Python helps you keep the motivation and focus at the best level. Also, it helps you narrow down the best resources available to achieve your goal. In example, if you're into web development you probably will not need Python for data analysis.

As per what your learning style is, you need to know for yourself. Did you excel in the structured format of school? Or are you more of a read-a-book-to-teach-myself kind of person? Are you better in a study group or individual studying?  Also you need to take into consideration whether you're more of a challenge type, or a step-by-step help guy. This can be crucial.

Now, after you found out about the two questions, here comes the third: what is your coding level?

Are you already familiar with another programming language, or are you new to the coding world? The best way to learn Python varies very much on your coding level. If you're familiar with C++ or JAVA, than you can easily start with more advanced options. Just keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with starting from scratch. Be honest about your coding skills and you'll start right where you're supposed to.

Now, let's dig into the best ways to learn Python!


python booksYou don't necessarily need to be a book-worm to enjoy reading a book.

We've listed the top 4 books you can choose to start learning Python.

The self-taught programmer: This book is mainly based on the experience of Cory Althoff in learning to code and landing a job as a software engineer at eBay. It doesn't simply teach you to program, but provides you with a great roadmap to become a software engineer.

Python Crash Course: A project-based approach, this book introduces you to fundamentals of programming and trains you in testing code. The projects focus mainly on games and analytics of data.

Learn Python the Hard WayA very challenging tutorial book, it guides the readers into 52 fantastic exercises. The approach works best for people with knowledge of programming who love challenges.

Python CookBook: More like a recipe book rather than a beginner's guide to Python, this book offers you practical recipes for experienced programmers. If you need to learn Python and you've already had coding experience, this book is for you.

As an option, you can pay for Python homework which will be done by coding experts from AssignmentCore immediately and professionally. This is a great way to continue to learn if you feel that you are stuck.

Online Course

If books are not your thing when it comes to studying, than online courses are your way to go.

One of the best ways to learn Python is to take online courses, and there's a lot of them. A lot!

One of the best ones is the GoSelfTaught course. The GoSelfTaught is more of a community-based platform that teaches you how to code in Python. Registering the program gives you full access to a supportive community with over a thousand members, ready to help. Included are over 100 hours of exercises and homework, and also weekly group training. This works wonders to different learning styles, and was specifically created to help beginners.

You could also choose Code Academy: Learn PythonMore than 10,000 people have already taken this course. Included in this course are interactive exercises, beginners training and an emphasis on takeaway skills. Code Academy is a great place to start for new coders.

PluralSight on the other hand offers a wide range of Python courses. The courses range from beginners to more advanced, and to expert in the final. If you already know how to code, PluralSight is the perfect place to start learning Python. PluralSight is one of those top resources that is always being recommended by advanced programmers.

And last but not least, Python for Entrepreneurs. This course focuses mainly on helping entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality, using Python. Python for Entrepreneurs requires basic knowledge of coding and emphasizing coding for business.

Tutorials and projects

I'm a big fan of tutorials. They've helped me a lot, and I always recommend them. It's like having a professor you can rewind when you don't understand something.

The best tutorials you can choose to start learning Python are:

Real PythonOffers a variety of tutorials on the Python language, with a lot of them geared towards web development. Tutorials cover topics like Django and other Python web frameworks that are popular. This site also offers a lot of content for beginners, and also intermediates of Python.

Python Jumpstart: A course that teaches you Python in 10 specific structured projects. This is very appealing to people who are somewhat experienced in programming. It also appeals to people who want to add Python to their CV and make them look more professional. With its focus to mainly building projects, Python Jumpstart may work wonders for hands-on learners.

Official Python DocumentationFor more advanced programmers who are looking into learning Python, your very best option remains the documentation. Ignored by many, yet so effective once you know how to use it. Python is well-known for having a very supportive and active community from the beginning. They've done a tremendous job with Python's easy-to-read and well-organized document. Kudos.

python coding

Keep in mind that the very best way to learn Python depends on your learning style.

Some people sit down with a book and teach themselves how to code. That's exactly what Elon Musk did.

Other people prefer having meetings and working in groups.

Once you've known your goal, your learning style and your coding level, you're good to go.

Happy coding 🙂