The top 9 iOS 13 features and perks

You've probably read about the best iOS 13 features coming to your iPhone. But to be totally honest with you, the full list of iOS 13 perks is really overwhelming.

While it's amazing having all those big, headlining features like a redesigned Photos app and the long-awaited Dark Mode, the real focus should be elsewhere. It should be exactly in the small improvements that will make your life a little bit easier every time they kick in. Even the small things like the addition of the 16:9 photo formal will help out.

So, today, we're taking a look at the lesser-known tips and tricks that people will be excited about when they get the new iOS 13. Even if they don't know it yet!

The top 9 iOS 13 features and perks to keep an eye on are:

  1. Alarm change suggestions for holidays
  2. Typing to Siri from Spotlight search
  3. Deleting apps from App store
  4. Different languages for different apps
  5. Offline dictation
  6. Sharing your own contact photo
  7. Saving all the Safari tabs
  8. Time to finish charging
  9. Automatic ETA sharing through maps

Alarm change suggestions for holidays

When there's a holiday close or the very next day, you might forget to set an alarm. It happens!

The iOS 13 version of Siri can suggest switching from your usual daily alarm routine before you fall asleep – and then change it back again!

This avoids the unfortunate scenario in which you forget to turn off an alarm when you're finally given a chance to sleep in. Or even worse – forgetting to turn your alarm back on the next day when you have to go to work.

Alarm change suggestions (Credits - Future)
Alarm change suggestions (Credits – Future)
Typing to Siri from Spotlight search

Saying “Hey Siri!” to summon the assistant when you have your hands busy is very convenient, and we do appreciate it. But accidentally saying it during a very important meeting or trying to activate Siri in a loud restaurant is not.

iOS 13 is here to fix it. And it does that by swapping your input from voice to text – which is a very amazing addition for accessibility, too.

Typing a command to Siri is as easy as pulling down anywhere on the home screen and tapping away the keys into the Spotlight search box.

It will always be the last option under “Search the web” and “Search the App Store” options.

Deleting apps from the App Store

Have you ever opened up the App Store Updates section, and realized that there are a lot of apps you don't use? Apps that you would rather delete than an update?

In iOS 13 you're able to swipe left on an app with a pending update and delete it off your phone. 

Or you can do it the old-fashioned way by making the apps shake in fear of which one will get deleted…

Deleting apps from the App Store (credits- Future)
Deleting apps from the App Store (credits- Future)

Different languages for different apps

One of the most convenient out of the 9 iOS 13 features and perks you can benefit from.

iOS 13 gives you the ability to set language preferences per app. If you want a calendar app to be in English, but a task app to be in German, you can arrange it very easily. You just have to keep in mind that though not all apps support this feature.

In order to do this, you have to head to the Delete apps from App Store & Region. Then, select “Add Language” to add another language to your iPhone's on-device array. After that, navigate to the General Settings page and click into each app's specific settings and turn it on.

And that's all!

Offline dictation

Keep on dictating notes or other items even if you lose connectivity. This is a feature that, most likely, will go unnoticed when continuing dictation during commutes or while working in other areas with spotty carrier service.

Siri is not yet available when offline, but dictation can happen with or without a present internet connection.

Offline dictation (Credits - Future)
Offline dictation (Credits – Future)
Sharing your own contact photo

In iOS 13 you can now control what photo or name is used for your contact information that others see when you call or message them.

This feature is a little blurry on how it gets set up, but it will make a great difference on a daily basis. It will come in handy especially for those friends who prefer to use a less-than-flattering photo of you).

In order to set it up, head to the Settings, Messages and then Share Name and Photo.

Sharing your own contact photo (Credits-Future)
Sharing your own contact photo (Credits-Future)
Saving all Safari tabs

In iOS 12 and below you can hold down on the bookmarks icon at the bottom to “Add bookmark” or “Add to Reading list”.

But, in iOS 13 that changes completely to include an option to bookmark all the tabs you have currently opened. 

This will come in handy especially for the “tab forest” folk – not judging anyone – who are more likely to keep plenty of tabs open and might need to save them to read later at any given time.

Time to finish charging

Instead of a percentage, or hours remaining when you plug in your phone, you'll be able to see what time it will finish charging.

This has been around in Android phones forever, but better late than never for iOS devices. In this case, it really is the little iOS 13 perks that will make your life more convenient.

Additionally, also a feature on battery health – iPhone will learn from your daily charging routine to it can wait to finish charging pas 80% until you need to use it again. This will definitely save the battery health and make it last longer.

Time to finish charging (Credits - CNBC)
Time to finish charging (Credits – CNBC)
Automating ETA sharing through Maps

In Maps, you will now be able to add someone to a favorite location and the app will automatically give your ETA once you start navigating near that spot. This should save a lot of irritating “how far are you now” exchanges when you're just trying to focus on getting there.

If you feel like we can make an addition to the “The top 9 iOS 13 features and perks” list, please contact us.