Top 10 Home Gadgets for Her 2020

In the future, it is predicted that our home will become functional and flexible if it has smart devices for the home. They will bring it to a higher level of comfort, safety, and energy-saving. The concept of “smart home” means a comprehensive solution to automate actions performed daily. This includes both control systems and home appliances controlled via a wireless connection.

Types of devices for an intelligent home

When planning to make your home smart, you need to have an understanding of at least the most popular and affordable systems:

  • Air conditioning equipment. It adjusts the heating and air conditioning on the premises, taking into account the presence/absence of people in them and weather conditions.
  • Lighting devices. Turns the light on and off automatically according to the presence or absence of people. Adjusts the light level based on the state of natural light. It allows you to implement various scenarios for a comfortable stay in the house depending on specific circumstances – work, rest, sleep, receiving guests.
  • Safety equipment. Protects housing from unauthorized access, fire, flooding, gas leaks.
  • Systems of energy-saving and energy consumption. It controls devices connected to the mains, distributes loads based on the load.

The smart home system has three key elements: controllers, sensors, and actuators. The latter include relays and drives – electrical and solenoidal. It seems that in 20 years, the definition of the codependent relationship will include dependence on the appliances and smart systems of our home! So, what are the best of them to present to your beloved?

  1. The smart Family Hub

Samsung’s next contribution to the intellectualization of homes. You can control it via Wi-Fi. A large portrait-orientation touchscreen is located on the upper right door.

Its parameters: diagonal – 21.5 inches; Resolution – 1920 x 1080 pc.

  1. The presence of Bixbywith its deep learning algorithm allows you to give commands by voice. This assistant makes it possible to quickly reproduce images from cameras, find the desired recipe, listen to music, and perform other user voice commands.
  1. The Samsung VR7000Mvacuum robot vacuum cleaner is remotely controlled via a mobile application, i.e. is IoT-connected. Using a mobile device, you can activate or stop it, set the time.

If necessary, you can see the history of cleaning. The robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with the AmazonEcho smart speaker, so you can control it using voice commands.

  1. Multi-kitchen SkyKitchen CB391S

This smart device is an innovative development of REDMOND. Visually, the device resembles a classic multicooker. But MasterFry’s patented TEN lifting technology converts the device into a single burner programmable stove.

  1. Smart kettle SkyKettle G210S

The REDMOND device supports the Ready for Sky app for Android, iOS. Through it, you can adjust the backlight, and then the flask of the kettle will turn into a lamp. Heating can be accompanied by music, and children, in anticipation of tea, can play educational games which you will find in the application.

  1. Coffee maker Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

This Wi-Fi-enabled Smarter coffee machine is controlled from a tablet or smartphone. At the same time, you can brew up to 12 cups of the drink. To get what you want by a specific time, various modes are available.

  1. SkyScale 741S-E Scales

Another smart gadget from REDMOND – scales. They can be controlled manually and through the Ready for Sky platform, which expands the capabilities of the device. Ready for Sky is compatible with all “apple” devices with an iOS version higher than 8, as well as with devices on Android from 4.3.

  1. Iron REDMOND SkyIron C254S

The REDMOND SkyIron C254S intelligent device can be turned off remotely while being very far from your apartment. The program on the smartphone will let you know about its condition at any time. 

The application communicates with the device via Bluetooth. The program “sees” the device when it is plugged in. Through the application, you can always check the spatial position of the iron.

  1. Dishwasher Xiaomi Viomi Internet Dishwasher 8

In 2018, a dishwasher with an Internet connection appeared under the Xiaomi brand. This unit is partially recessed, containing 8 sets of utensils (31 kg). Dimensions of the smart device – 595 x 505 x 600 mm.

  1. Smart Lock Sherlock M1 Smart Lock

This lock of the Xiaomi / MIJIA company will not be opened by an outsider. The function is available only to the owner and people with access rights. The owner of the house receives notifications about all entrances and exits on the phone.

Lockitron Bolt is based on the Mi Home app. Using Wi-Fi, you can issue digital keys to your home to relatives or friends.