Top 3 code beautifying tools for PHP developers

In technical terms, code beautification is not a functional requirement but it does impact the overall performance of the application. This is because when the final deliverable of the application is submitted, a clean copy of the code also has to be delivered. At the last moment, developers cannot check each syntax line and work on its formatting. Developers do not focus at all on how good the code is appearing when they are working on the development tasks. They simply cannot afford to do so. The prime focus for them is making the application run without any functional issues.

The use of code beautifiers solves the problem for developers who have to work with exhaustive schedules. Their main priority is making the application run without any problems. During the programming stage, the appearance of the code becomes disorganized. In that state, it cannot be used for the final submission. Hence, a good code beautifier is used to accomplish this goal. 

Looking at the 3 most efficient code beautifiers

A code beautifier is not a tool you should pick randomly. There should be a strong basis behind picking one tool and ignoring the alternatives. If you are looking to pick one of the top three tools, consider one of the following.

Whenever a user is opting for a new tool, have a look at how the tool works is important. This tool has a “load sample data” option that transforms a random PHP statement to its beautified form. This is a helpful feature for users as they get to know how the tool works. There are other positive helpful parameters of the tool as well.

  • More concentration on functional requirements

An application is worth nothing if it does not work properly irrespective of how attractive the code looks. The prime concern for any PHP programmer is to make the application run without any kind of technical problems. Before they start writing the code, the needs and specifications are understood in a proper manner. Once the developer is clear about everything, he starts working on the code. He has to work with well-defined timelines. In this time span, the code has to be compiled successfully. However, it is not possible for developers to work on the layout and improve it. They simply do not have sufficient time left. This beautifier does not only save time for them but also creates the perfect PHP code presentation.

  • A simple set of options to use

Dealing with complicated tools is a problem even for software programmers with in-depth technical knowledge. This beautifier has easy features which allows programmers to pay attention to the core technical activities. They can use it once when the final code compilation has been done.

  • Free tool which does not have affordability complications

The first thing which a buyer has to check before he purchases something is the amount of money he has. You cannot buy something for which enough money is not available. This is a free tool so developers do not have to think about any monetary sum. You can beautify as many code segments as you want. At times, software builds are sent in phases. Each time, a code segment has to be provided with proper presentation. With this free tool, you can improve the code appearance whenever a build has to be submitted. This tool is 100% free and developers do not have to think about any hidden costs. Along with that, there are no trial versions after which the tool has to be upgraded by paying a fee.

  • PHP

This is a quality free tool used by programmers working on different applications. It is an online option so nothing has to be setup on the computer, smartphone or tablet prior to usage. For programmers, this is a big relief as they do not have to pay attention to application downloads or installations of any type.

  • You do not have to worry about the interface of this tool because of the ease of use. Not even a single option is complex which means that developers do not have to sit dedicatedly and understand things. They only have to copy the PHP code from the actual file and paste it in the provided text box. There is no need to go through multiple steps to upload the code. The second uploading alternative is uploading the file by searching for it. At times, programmers save the PHP code file after getting done with the development. In such cases, there is no need to go through the hassle of copying the PHP code and pasting it. This step can be ignored and the code file can be selected directly.
  • This tool offers different indentation styles to the programmers. They can select any one from the options given on the right side of the screen. Once the selection is done, simply click the “beautify” button. After that, the code will be beautified in accordance with the selected parameters. 
  • PHP beautifier by

Most programmers prefer online beautifiers so that they can browse them directly. If you have a similar preference, this tool would surely suit you. The tool can be used without spending a single minute on installations. If you want to use it in parallel on multiple devices, it can be done easily. No charges of any kind are applied as the tool is 100% free.

Summing it up

Code beautifiers are important for developers as they improve the presentation.  It is quite difficult to check the spacing and indentation of each code statement. This task can be quite exhausting and developers do not have so much vacant time. They have to deliver code sprints in very short time spans. Thus, using online tools to align the code is an appropriate alternative for them. These applications do not require the developer to spend time as he just has to upload the code. The alignment, indentation and removal of unutilized spaces is done through automated procedures.