Top 5 digital marketing jobs

What is digital marketing? What are some of the best digital marketing jobs?

Since the computers and smartphones are becoming more popular every day, the number of digital marketing skills rises too. A lot of great companies have been focusing solely on digital elements.

Digital marketing, in essence, is the art of promoting and advertising your product online. This excludes papers, billboards, TV Promotions and focuses only on the internet.

The top 5 digital marketing jobs in 2019 are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO & SEM Specialist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Manager
  • Email Marketing Specialist

We've listed them below in order to give you a clearer view for each of them.

digital marketing managerDigital Marketing Manager

The most famous out of all the digital marketing jobs is the digital marketing manager.

Basically, this position plays a very critical role when it comes to overseeing and implementing the campaigns in the digital world.

They carry the responsibility for laying out the project, create the correct timeline, set milestones and manages budget. These are the most important tasks of this role, leaving aside small every-day-tasks.

Digital marketing managers must have great experience in communication, excel in organization and have collaboration skills.

The average salary for this position is $77,015 according to this article from


SEO and SEM specialist

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.

In order to get the maximum free traffic to your website, you need to know how to optimize your website properly. The majority of businesses know this and have been focusing on it for years.

Basically, the SEO is responsible for ranking your website in higher positions for targeted keywords.

Even though the search engine algorithms change almost weekly, the SEO and SEM specialist have knowledge how to create the perfect content and optimization to rank your website.

One of the main downsides of SEO is the difficulty to specialize in it. Never ending algorithm changes really gets to your nerves sometimes. Your page can be ranked in the first page today, and tomorrow due to the changes, you can land on the third page and lose traffic.

The upside of picking SEO or SEM as your future is that it's salary is way above the average salary in US, and also you can work remotely.


Social Media Marketer

Social media is the perfect tool when it comes to massive communication. It's a very powerful way for a business of all sizes to reach potential customers.

Basically, the social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that lets you be creative and share content on different social media platforms.

The social media manager/marketer helps businesses promote their website or product across different social media platforms. They mainly use analytics to get the perfect big picture of the companies audience, and what to target. Since a lot of your clients already interact with your brand in social media, the SMM has the opportunity to directly communicate with them.

Not to mention that one of the main jobs of the SMM is to create campaigns in order to attract new or keep the existing customers.

The average salary of a Social Media Marketer in the US is $50,224 according to this article from payscale.

social media marketer

Content manager

This field is for people who are creative, and also love to write.

The content manager can be a tricky position for someone who is new to the field. Not only should the content be easy-to-read, but it has to be SEO-friendly too. Besides this, it has to be well-formed, organized and it has to be shareable. The content has to be easy for other pages to link to.

Content managers may also be in charge of the social media strategy, manage the writers and report and analyze using analytics tools.

Basically, not only do they need to be great writers, but they also need to have experience in the search engine optimization field too. Plus, they need to be good at relationship building with clients, self-motivated and always ready for challenges.

According to this article from Indeed, the average salary is $55,126.

Email Marketing Specialist

Even though not as famous as the other digital marketing jobs, the email marketing specialist is one of the most narrow specializations you can get in the field.

The email marketing is really an example of a specialized area in marketing. The email marketing specialist is usually extremely experienced in marketing, and also has copywriting and editing skills.

As we know, the email still is one of the best modes of content there is. In order to be good at it, you'll need to be able to be persuasive in your e-mails, with a hint of convincing.

You also need to be in charge for tasks like:

  • Campaigns
  • Launches
  • Press Releases

The average salary rounds up to $52,000 yearly, according to this Payscale article

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