Trendiest programming languages of 2019

The technology world is growing immensely with each passing year and months, as they are coming up with new trendier smartphones and tablets every other day. The competition too has grown strong in the market to stand at the highest position.

That's probably the reason programmers and web developers are in tremendous demand nowadays – because they have a good knowledge of programming languages. Various programming languages are now available and each of them has distinct functions.

When you're at the beginning, you might not know much about these languages, but you can certainly make an effort to learn about them – and do mastery on at least ten or more languages. Then, you can certainly gain a high-paid job for yourself in the industry.

We have mentioned the trendiest and most excellent programming languages of 2019 which we advise you to learn and have a better idea of.

Trendies programming languages of 2019
Trendies programming languages of 2019

The trendiest programming languages of 2019 are:

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. PHP
  4. JavaScript
  5. Objective-C
  6. Perl
  7. Swift


If you're into becoming skilled at all-in-one language, you should start learning Python. It truly has the ability to expand web apps, data analysis, user interfaces and so much more. Also, various frameworks are available for these tasks to make it all easier for you.

Python is utilized by bigger companies mostly that can evaluate vast data sets, thus this is a tremendously huge chance to learn it and become a Python programmer.

One of the reasons you should start learning Python is:

  1. The syntax is simple and easy to learn – Python language is expressive and fruitful. So you can create solutions instantly and others can understand it easily. One of the primary ideas behind Python is to facilitate an easily readable code.
  2. Versatility – Even though Python is an easy programming language for beginners, it has all of the power and resources necessary to get advanced work done. Once you learn it you can find possibilities in web development, data science, machine learning, AI, web scrapping, game development, scientific and numeric computing,
  3. Value and demand – Python is being used by many big companies as it is easy, adaptable and easy to maintain. I am sure you would be surprised to know these companies; Facebook, Google, NASA, Quora, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, Dropbox, Instagram, are just to name a few.

Python deservedly tops the list of the trendiest programming languages of 2019.


Java is considered to be the “perfect language” for developers and programmers to learn. Currently, it's the top-most programming language – and has grabbed the highest position with Android OS yet again even though it was a bit down for a couple of years.

If you want to know how to learn Java fast, these tips are for you:

  1. Set your intentions in a career by answering the question “Why exactly do I need Java?”.
  2. With this setting, create your personal educational plan with a schedule.
  3. Choose tools to help your requirements: books, courses, coding platforms, etc.
  4. Find extra sources of learning: media, forums, Java communities — everything to keep you up to date.
  5. Practice a lot: you need a number of hours of coding before it becomes your habit.
  6. Don’t get stuck on something you don’t quite know — go on with your study and practice.
  7. Never stop learning: this is what a successful programmer does.

Java can also be utilized for mobile-based apps, enterprise-level purposes, creating a desktop app and establishing Android apps on tablets and smartphones.


You should definitely consider learning about PHP, which is an acronym for Hypertext preprocessor, which is a well-known programming language.

With the help of PHP, you can enlarge your web app very quickly – and effortlessly.

The reasons to start learning PHP are:

Easy to get started with – PHP was created to make web development easier, and many beginners find it simple to pick up and get started with. In fact, PHP code was so easy to pick up, many non-programmers end up being able to hack PHP code together without truly getting the code.

  • Flexible – PHP is a dynamically typed language. This means there are no hard rules on how to build features, and you'll have more flexibility solving problems using different methods. Also, the errors are always clear to help you in understanding what's wrong.
  • PHP is the actual foundation of a lot of strong content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress. In essence, PHP is really a valuable programming language for developers and programmers.
  • Community – The community size is important, because the more extended a programming language community is, the more assistance you'd be likely to get. As you step into the programming world, you'll soon realize how vital support is, as the developer society is all about giving and receiving help.

While you're expanding your website, JavaScript is tremendously functional because this language can immensely assist you in generating communication for your website.

You can utilize style frameworks in JavaScript for building the perfect user interface. And, while you're into web development, it's crucial to know about JavaScript and how it makes web pages interactive.

JavaScript is applied for including animations on the webpage, loading fresh images, scripts or objects on the web page – and also craft hugely responsive user interfaces.

Objective -C

If you're more into building apps for iOS, then you've most certainly had knowledge about the Objective-C language and its efficiency.

It's one of the most preferred choices for all the iOS developers, second to Swift.

Beginner students will be better served by initially learning Objective-C. Here’s why:

  • Companies aren’t hiring Swift-only developers yet
  • iOS Developers still need to know Objective-C
  • Swift is harder to learn
  • Swift is constantly changing

Once you've learned Objective-C, you can start applying XCode which is known to be the authorized software development tool from Apple. This way, you can quickly produce an iOS app and upload it to the App Store.


To begin with, you should understand that Perl is not a programming language itself. It's more of a group of languages that are interpreted and dynamic.

The family includes Perl 5 and 6, and the development of both languages takes place completely independent from each other.

It combines the features of the C language with the shell scripts' ability to execute large sets of commands. Additionally, it has elements of awk and sed, which is largely used in command-line scripting to manipulate text.

Using Perl, you can develop a variety of software applications easily and more efficiently.

Perl offers such advantages compared to Python:

  • Speed: Perl is faster than Python for many tasks and more powerful.
  • One-Liner: Perl has shortcuts that allow you to write quick scripts.
  • Regular expressions: They are first-class data-type rather than an add-in. This means you can manipulate them programmatically like any other first-class object.


Mobile is eating the world!

The growth in mobile users will not only not slow down at all but will grow tremendously and constantly. It's predicted that by 2020, 70% of the world's population will be using smartphones.

Of all the mobile platforms, iOS and Android make up 96% of the market. This translates that the majority of mobile applications demand skills should be in either one of these two. And since iOS is always growing, it's a great indicator that you should start learning Swift.

If you choose to learn iOS development, Swift is the programming language that is recommended for use. Before Swift, Objective-C was the suggested language for developing iOS apps, but with the continuous improvement in hardware technology and high performing processors, Apple programmers deemed Objective-C’s performance as wanting. They saw a need to produce a programming language whose performance would match the ever-improving hardware processing speeds, and so they came up with Swift.

Programming Language Year-wise Rank Changes
Programming Language Year-wise Rank Changes

Programming Language Year-wise Usage Percentage Changes
Programming Language Year-wise Usage Percentage Changes

If you feel like another language deserves to be on the trendiest programming languages of 2019 list, contact us.