What can I do with a computer science degree?

If you're on the verge of choosing your career, you've probably wondered what you can do with a computer science degree.

Since you're interested in computer science, you already must have technical and non-technical skills.

Additionally, the scope of the computer science is rising and gives you a lot of choices.

With a degree in computer science you can be an:

  • IT Consultant
  • Cyber security consultant
  • Database administrator
  • Programmer

and much more.

We'll elaborate more below on what you can do with a computer science degree.

IT Consultant

The IT Consultants are widely popular among the computer science options to specialize in.

In other words, the IT consultants are contracted to work with clients who require help in the IT section.

Usually, a project in IT consulting involves:

  • Consulting staff
  • Analyzing the company's data
  • Making recommendations and suggestions
  • Repairing computers
  • Removing users
  • Training users
  • Responding to feedback

Any kind of degree is acceptable for entry into this position. Also, You'll have to have some key skills in order to succeed in this position.

In addition, you'll need to have attention to detail, problem solving skills, multi tasking, effective time management etc.

In other words, the IT consultant job is dubbed as the “most easy” one, but people fail to realize that it's not that easy.

The average IT Consultant salary is $76,701.

computer science

Cyber security consultant

Parallel to the rise of technology, the risk of attacks for data has risen too. Spamming, black hat practices, phishing and many more tricks have evolved that you can fall prey to.

The main role of the cyber security consultant is very crucial to every company, either government or private, in order to prevent these attacks. The cyber security consultants checks the software, systems and networks for vulnerabilities, and prevent possible threats.

Interestingly enough, they play the role of both the attacker and the victim in order to get a clearer view. More interestingly, the very best cyber security consultants are former hackers!

Since cyber attacks cause a major loss in time and money, even in government websites. Especially in government websites! In order to prevent those losses, companies hire cyber security consultants. Not only do they supply you with protection and prevent attacks, but they save you money to.

Generally speaking, if a website comes to the wrong hands, millions of dollars can disappear in a matter of minutes. Which means that even the smallest businesses require to have protection from these attacks.

The average cyber security consultant salary is approximately $40,000.

databaseDatabase administrator

Do you like to organize stuff? Are you great with big data? The database administrator is the job for you.

A database administrator is specialized in Databases, and helps maintain the database environment. The major responsibility of a DBA (Database administrator) is to maintain the data integrity. This means that the data will not leak, nor will it get stolen in case of an attack.

In addition, computer sciences are directly related to the companies, banks, insurance companies when it comes to the data structuring. Every company has it's own database filled with data, most of them sensitive.

If a company hires someone who is not that experienced, than it's exposed to a dangerous possibility of having it's data stolen. In addition, every company has backups in case of disasters which is directly the DBA's responsibility.

In order to apply for this position, you must have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science. You'll have to deal with databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, .NET or other options.

Your main duties would be:

  • Database installation and upgrading
  • Ensuring the database is safe and secure
  • Performance testing
  • Plan and coordinate migrations
  • Implement encryptyion
  • Create models for the database development

The average salary of a Database administrator is $77,428.

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