What does a software engineer do

The software engineer job description can be difficult to grasp if you're new to the field.

In essence, the software engineers use their knowledge in engineering and programming to build software products. This also includes developing computer games or run network control systems.

Usually, a software engineer can find work in companies which manufacture electronic products. But, some engineers are also employed by software publishers who need to maintain their products.

There are a lot of big words flying around and you can get easily confused on what you have to do. If you're seeking a job in software engineering, than you need to know your duties and responsibilities.

You can get a lot of information on how to become a software engineer in our article.

The main responsibilities include:

  • The execution of the lifecycle software development
  • Making sure the program is well-designed, and has efficient coding
  • Providing operational feasibility and producing the specifications

In addition, you'll have to deal mostly with the coding part of the program.

software engineersSoftware engineer duties and responsibilities

The company relies tremendously on the software engineers for many functions. Starting from automated traffic control, up to the most complicated manufacturing process.

A software engineer needs to address the entire software development cycle, test the design and the features of it.

A usual software engineer job description includes:

  1. Improving the system: By analyzing and finding possible bugs and problems, the software engineer will improve the system drastically. This is done by using common tools and patterns and standard operating procedures.
  2. Finding opportunities: By enhancing the application, the software engineer will find opportunities for improving, and will make recommendation to the team.
  3. Maintenance: Maintaining the current code and peer-reviewing the code changes. This help a lot on avoiding conflicts when it comes to merging the code
  4. Innovation: The software engineer job description also includes the innovative part of it. This is done by using the newest technologies relevant to the field.

Job qualifications and requirements

The essentials of becoming a software engineer is a degree whether in Computer science, Software engineering or in Mathematics. Many companies will also require experience in high level programming such as C++, Java or Scala.

Even though the majority of software engineers don't write code, they need to have a strong background in programming. This helps them understand how the process flows.

As the technology evolves, so does the software engineering field. Engineers have to stay up to date with all the new technologies in order to be relevant to the field.

The main requirements and qualifications required are:

  • Being passionate about solving problems and solutions
  • Deep knowledge of how algorithms and data structures work
  • A strong eye on analytics and the ability to visualize the whole process
  • Troubleshooting possible software issues
  • Debugging big codebases
  • Communication with the rest of the team

What does a software engineer really do

Software engineers, in essence, develop  information systems by designing, developing and implementing software solutions

They determine the feasibility by evaluating the software, and find possible improvements. Also, they analyze problem definitions, and propose solutions to each one of them.

Using flowcharts and other visual presentation, they demonstrate solutions to possible opportunities on how the software can improve.

Another task the software engineer does is preparing and installing the solutions by deciding the system specifications. This also includes determining standards and programming too.

Additionally, the software engineer will have to improve different operations organizing system analysis. This involves recommending changes to the actual software policies.

Integrity is another duty that the software engineers do. Protecting the operations data by keeping it confidential falls into the the hand of them.

In addition, they have to develop software solutions by studying information needs. Communicating, whether verbally or in broadly, with the users is the key to this. Another way to go is by studying the systems flow and data usage.

software engineering at work

Jobs and salaries

Considering the strength of the industry demand, there is really a variety of careers you can choose from. You can become a:

Mobile developer: Primarily, to become a mobile developer you need to know either to code for iOS or Android. In order to code for Android you need to know Java or Objective C, while for iOS you need to know SWIFT. But, Javascript made everything easier by launching the React-Native library whose code runs on both iOS and Android.

The yearly salary is $134,666.

Application architect: Basically, the application architect is the manager of the project. The require a team who can develop a certain project, and lead them. Their main duty is to coordinate the back-end and the front-end team to work like a charm. They make sure that the project goes well and the product launches.

The yearly salary for an application architect is $112,105.

Quality assurance: As the title says itself, the main duty here is to assure that the quality of the product is on top. This means catching bugs, testing features out and identifying issues.

The yearly salary is $58,208.

Database administrator: This job requires you to have knowledge in databases. The main duties is to design, organize and implement a database. After that, you'll need to maintain the database which involves the integrity of the data.

The yearly salary goes up to $83,845.